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Q. We homeschool so why should my child have a Student ID?
As a homeschool teacher you understand that unlike public schools your education schedule is flexible. Your child may be out on a field trip, doing community work, attending group classes or going to a part-time job. Area police are cracking down on troublemakers skipping school and if your child can not credibly identify him or herself as a homeschool student it could lead to detainment. Also remember that students can get discounts but most business require a student ID. Also students are now required to present a photo ID to take the SAT exam.

Q. My daughter has a Driver's License. Won't that work?
A. Obviously a driver's license is legitimate form of ID. However a driver's license does state that your child is homeschooled and not skipping school like a child in public school.

Q. My son is taking dual credit and enrolled at the local community college. Isn't that ID sufficient?
A. No dual enrollment does not exempt students from public school attendance rules.

Q. My children are very young, do they need a student ID also
Rules vary but typically states will not issue photo identification before the age of 12. Of course your child is not required to have a photo ID but its still a good idea to have one especially if your family travels during the typical school year.

Q. Are your IDs laminated?
A. No - our cards are printed by a special security card printer. The ink is infused into heavy gauge plastic cards similar to a credit card.

Q. We belong to a Homeschool organization that issues membership cards, isn't that good enough?
A. Organization cards only state that your child is a member of that organization and it typically does not have your child's picture on it for identification.

Q. How do I send you a picture of myself and my child?
A. If you have a digital photo (scanned image or digital camera photo), attach the file to the email along with your name to:

Q. When will my package arrive?
A. First class and priority packages ship by USPS. Overnight ships are delivered by FedEx. Please understand that once the package ship we have no control over how long it takes USPS to actually deliver the package.

Q. How big are the ID cards?
A. Identification Cards measure 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6mm x 54mm) - standard credit card size.

Q. Can I customize the Identification?
A. Your picture and the requested form information are the only things that can be changed.

Q. Are the Homeschool ID cards guaranteed?
A. Yes, we guarantee our cards against breakage for a period of six months. Also if you are unhappy with our cards for ANY reason we will either replace them or provide you a full refund on the purchase price when returned to us. If you have any questions simply let us know.

Q. If I order online is my credit card information safe?
A. Yes, all credit card purchases are processed by our secure merchant processor Homeschool IDs NEVER has access to your credit card information when you place an order online. All credit card information stays secure only with merchant service provider.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We've been customizing ID cards for customers like yourself since 2005. We produce over tens thousand ID cards every year.

Q. I have a bad picture of myself, will that work?
A. We do what we can but the picture on your ID will look very much like the photo you send us.

Q. I made a mistake on my order, what do I do?
A. Let us know as soon as possible by calling us at 1-877-494-8964. If they've already shipped you will have to return them to us so we can fix the problem and there is a $10 fee to make changes.

Q. Can I get my order rushed?
A. Yes, please call our customer service reps at 1-877-494-8964 for availability and cost. We charge the prices quoted on We will quote you a price for FedEx shipping, if you agree to that cost you will be charged that amount and the FedEx shipping charge IS NOT REFUNDABLE once shipped.

Q. How much do Homeschool IDs cost?
A. Custom made IDs are $19.95 and shipping is included free.